Mist Eyebrows

What is Cosmetic Tattooing?
A cosmetic eyebrow tattoo is a eye rejuvenation procedure that gives the eyebrows enhanced definition and volume. By redrawing the brow line at defined height and width, the procedure will help give your entire eye area a lift with perfect arches for a more beautiful, natural and youthful appearance.

Mist Brow Tattoo Technique

The technique we use is called ‘Mist Eyebrow’ and is an emerging technique of embroidery that provides a semi-permanent makeup look that closely brings on the appearance of a more natural brow makeup (just like applying eyebrow powder).

We employ a new airbrushing style of embroidery using a soft pencil/needle along the skin. Unlike traditional cosmetic tattoo methods that use a ‘digital tattoo device’, our gentle and subtle approach is achieved by implanting or ‘inking’ fine dots of pigment into the skin that ultimately gives a shadow mist of colour along the skin. You can discuss the desired look with us regarding the style and intensity.

How long does the session take?

For each new session, Mist Brow Tattooing typically takes between 90 to 180 minutes. The timeframe required differs for each person as this depends on the details and volume needed to shape your brow. Mist Eyebrow is a painless process. To ensure you have a comfortable treatment, we start off by first ‘numbing’ the skin by applying the best and safest numbing cream primarily for cosmetic treatments. You can expect your mist brows to last between 1-2 years. Overtime the brows will gradually fade away instead of changing colour.

Free touch-up and followup

After your session it is completely normal to expect some minor swelling and redness that may last from few hours to a few days (this depends on your skin). Within 4-6 weeks, we provide a one-time FREE touch-up to adjust, shape or colour your brows to ensure they last longer and remain beautiful!

Prices & Booking

Introductory Price: $400 (Normally $500)
Limited Time Only

Retouch Price: $250
Previous clients only (within 1 year)

For bookings, SMS Jenni on 0413 862 863.

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